Caring for My COPD 

Caring for My COPD is a 10- week program at Compass Community Health for people who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) including those recently hospitalized due to COPD 

If you experience acute flare-ups of COPD, consider our community based program to help you gain better control of your COPD.

  • There is  NO COST for this program
  • Personalized exercise program supervised by healthcare professionals
  • Weekly education sessions that will help you learn how to manage your  COPD
  • You can attend the program as frequently as you like
  • Your family member(s) or support person is most welcome to accompany you
  • Access to telephone support through out the week from your COPD Coordinator and care team 

You are welcome to refer yourself or a loved one to the program and we will contact your Primary Care Provider to ensure you are safe to participate.  Or a referral to the program can be made by one of your healthcare providers.  We will contact you to start the program when we have your completed referral.



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 COPD Choir: Caring for My COPD Choir "Take a Breath Singer"

The Caring for My COPD Choir – the Take A Breath singers was inspired by our program social worker who had heard of the Brompton Hospital COPD choir in England and being English herself decided that she would raise the idea with first 3 graduated COPD program groups at their weekly support session.  

Initially, the idea titillated and received lots of humorous response however with a little bit of Christmas fun the participants found that it wasn’t all that difficult to sing.  Taking that one step further, Mike, one of our graduates, was greatly inspired by his experience in the program and all that he learned he took an old Everly brothers song Dream and re wrote the lyrics to illustrate all that had been learned in his 10 week program and called the tune BREATHE! 

The choir whose members are all graduates of the  10 week community based Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program made its debut at our first December gathering in 2015 with this hit and the song immediately became an overnight sensation with the group and all those who heard it performed. 

Since then the group has met weekly throughout the year to polish up the standard theme song and to learn new melodies that range from “59th St. Bridge Song or feeling groovy” to Julie Andrews spoof on aging sung to the tune of “favourite things”.  

Although not professionals, the choir has performed twice at the Hamilton Germania Club on choral night along with the likes of the Male & the Female  Hamilton Police Choirs and the Germania choir to raucous applause and ovations!  They have performed at the 2nd Annual Respiratory Care Conference at St. Joseph’s hospital and have been featured in the Hamilton Spectator and CHCH television news. They have also performed at Hamilton City Hall and for International Day of Retired Person’s this fall at the Michaelangelo’s Banquet Hall.  Their most exciting gig by far was being featured on CBC radio’s DNTO (Definitely Not The Opera) program and having their story told by Suk Yin Lee.  Furthermore their performance and that interview were posted on the Hamilton CBC News station.  Links to this are below.  

The Take a Breath Singers have been invited to perform at several other area groups for senior events and are always open to new opportunities as they grow their repertoire.  

The group has so much fun getting together and who would have thought that singing can help our clients living with COPD to learn to breathe better as they hold long notes and release trapped air allowing for oxygen enriched air to enter! 

For more information about the choir or to inquire to book them for an event please call 905-561-3683 ext 3060 or ext.3005

Here's a link to the story you can share with your team: 

That has a "Listen" link near the top where you can listen to the DNTO piece just about our choir, as well as another "Listen" link for the choir singing "Breathe."  

If you want to hear the entire DNTO breathing-themed episode, here's a link to the DNTO site where you can do that: 

Here us the link to the radio interview and singers rehearsal for the DNTO program.