Children's Breakfast Program

Open to students, parents and teachers of Bennetto and St. Lawrence schools. Program provides a nutritious breakfast and a safe environment for children to spend time before school.

Compass Community Health (Community Room) - 438 Hughson St North, Hamilton ON, L8L 4N5

Meeting Times:
School days from 7:45 to 8:45am

Goals of Program:

  • Provide a nutritious breakfast to students living in the North End.
  • Provide a supervised environment for children who might otherwise be alone in the morning before school.
  • Provide volunteer opportunities for  community members.

Description of Program (activities, participants, etc.):

  • The Breakfast Club began in April 1995 and serves two North End schools, Bennetto and St. Lawrence, by providing a nutritious breakfast Monday through Friday to their students.
  • A typical breakfast may include fruit, toast with cheese, butter or jam, cereal , eggs, bagels, with milk and water to drink. There are also special breakfasts served throughout the year.
  • The program is run by staff and community volunteers who prepare and serve breakfast each morning.
  • The program is currently serving 35-65 students every morning. Local churches, schools, service organizations, and businesses provide cash or food donations.
  • Assistance with homework is provided.

For more information, please contact: Jenna McHugh 905-523-6611 ext. 3007