Open to immigrants and refugees. Program is beneficial for integration into the community.

Compass Community Health (438 Hughson St. North)

Meeting Times:
Meetings available by appointment, drop-in, or phone call.

Goal of Program:

  • To assist refugees and new immigrants

Description of Program (activities, participants, etc.):

  • Settlement and integration needs (i.e., housing, clothing, information regarding community resources)
  • Counseling
  • Health services
  • Health education and prevention
  • Community capacity building
  • Advocacy for issues related to immigration and refugee rights, social assistance, employment, etc.
  • Cultural interpretation (translation)
  • Written translations (health related issues)
  • Working closely with and attending regular meetings of the Twinning Program
  • Assessment of Ecumenical Support Committee for Refugee - loan applications for landing processing fee and family reunification expenses
  • Public education (immigrant and refugee experience)
  • Membership in refugee organizations
  • Providing consultation about the issues of refugees and immigrants
  • Networking with other agencies dealing with diverse communities
  • Booking appointments - new patients - or follow up, medical immigration and Spanish counseling
  • Filling out forms: E.I., W.I.S.B., refugee, immigration and citizenship applications.
  • Training and supervision of volunteer interpreters
  • Application for new business
  • Specialized services for refused refugee claimants
  • Partnerships

For more information, please contact: Nora Melara-Lopez: 905-523-6611 ext. 2012