On May 12 2009, the Health Centre held its annual Canada Health Day community event at the Bennetto Recreation Centre. For this event, we invited our local community residents and partners to participate in a group discussion on health. David Hasbury, an organizational and community development consultant, educator and facilitator, was brought in to engage us in our discussion through "group graphics".

David Hasbury uses "group graphics" to represent the world that the group as a whole wants to create. His approach shaped and captured the discussion so that the participants could literally "see" what they were saying unfold on a large canvas in front of them.

Participants were asked "if Compass Community Health was perfect, what would it look like?" The participants then shared their thoughts on what values and principles would need to be in place in order to make the Health Centre truly achieve the goal of "No Obstacles to Health".

The "Vision of Health" drawing is currently displayed in our first floor reception. This is a constant reminder of our commitment to ensuring that the obstacles to health that our clients face are continually recognized and reflected in our programs and services.

Furthermore, the Board of Directors developed a comprehensive draft of values and beliefs that came out of the public discussion, which will be incorporated into the Health Centre's long-term vision.